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    GAGA can take care of your whole radio advertising campaign from concept creation through to distribution of the finished ads.

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    GAGA is a Music Promotion Company providing Music Radio Airplay, Music Promotion Services, National Radio Promotion and Retail Promotion. Our Radio Promotion Campaigns will get your music added to properly formatted Radio Stations. GAGA Radio Promotion Campaigns will expand an artist's fan base and increase Music Sales in Electronic Formatted Downloads and also "Hard Copy" Retail Sales of CD'S and VINYL.
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    Major Label Artists, Independent Label Artists or completely Independent Artists! GAGA has the experience, knowledge and background to get you heard. Our Radio Promotion Campaigns involve constant contact with radio programmers, programing directors and music directors at commercial radio stations across the country. GAGA will collect and compile all results and data into a "RADIO REPORT". Radio Reports will be stylized to an artist's needs then generated and updated weekly through out the course of an artist's Radio Promotion Campaign.
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    GAGA will get "HARD COPY" manufactured versions of you CD and VINYL distributed to retail stores locally, regionally, or nationally through out the United States. GAGA will make the promotional contacts necessary to targeted retail stores nation wide then distribute your product as your Radio Promotion Campaign runs it's course.


GAGA Radio Reports

GAGA Radio Reports are updated and compiled weekly while scheduled radio and retail promotional campaigns are running.


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